Trailer Decking For Safe Transportation Of Industrial Vehicles And Commercial Equipment

Decking for trailers allows for heavy equipment vehicles to find a grip on the surface for on-loading and off-loading purposes. The rubber on the tires can find a stable surface to grip without sliding or shifting as this situation may happen on metal trailer surfaces. Ideal for construction and commercial applications, wood trailer decking needs to withstand heavy weights and harsh weather to provide a reliable transportation surface.

Obtain Partial And Full Wood Decking From Coastal Timbers Inc.

Trailer decking has to be made of the highest quality materials and installed securely. Coastal Timbers Inc., a family-owned business providing timber products and services since 1954, provides custom decking services for trailers used in your business operations. We select the best timber for the decking surface, treated to prevent damage from rain and other adverse weather conditions when left exposed outside.

Here at Coastal Timbers Inc., we offer decking for flat bed trailers, step deck trailers, and for specialty trailers. Based on your specifications, we can offer a solid trailer decking surface, three-row wood surface and two-row wood surface for your trailer.  In addition to decking for trailers, we also have wood decking for marine vessels and offshore platforms for the oil and gas industry.

Look into the decking packages we can offer you so that your trailers are surfaced with the correct wood materials. We at Coastal Timbers provide decking for trailers for all businesses, large or small, in varying types of industries.