Pipe and Timber Cradles Suited For Industrial Operations

Transporting pipe requires you to have the right pipe cradles to hold and protect the equipment. This equipment is essential to distribute and store fuel, gas, water and other resources used by numerous industries and residential applications.

To have the right cradles you need the right timbers

Coastal Timbers understands how important it is for pipe to be transported from one destination to another without developing harmful cracks or damage which could slow down business operations or cause workplace accidents. Our family-owned business manufactures pipe cradles to support pipe on flatbeds and other vehicles so that the equipment will arrive safely and in good condition.

In addition for transportation services, pipe cradles can also give your pipe work extra support. When your company is running long lengths of pipe over large distances, our pipe cradles can prevent the pipe from bending and buckling during operation. Whether you need cradles for small diameter pipe or large industrial pipe work, we can fabricate the cradles to your specifications.

We also provide timber cradles to support the storage tanks and containers that will hold the resources you will distribute through your pipe work. Other products our company provides include:

  • Blocks
  • Wedges
  • Chocks
  • Cribbing
  • Plugs
  • Specialty items

All of our timbers cradles and pipe cradles are crafted from the highest materials to ensure durability that stands up to the high demands of various industry operations. By having a cradle crafted to your specifications, you are assured that the pipe and storage container will fit into the cradle you ordered.

In addition to providing cradles for pipe, Coastal Timbers also provide cradles for marine vessels that need to be dry-docked. All cradles are constructed at our company and shipped to your location for immediate use.

We can expertly manufacture custom cradles for a variety of industries, including the oil and gas industry.  Whether transporting large diameter pipe, dry-docking marine vessels, or supporting large tanks or cylinders, we can fabricate a cradle to your exact specifications.  In addition to cradles, we can also produce cribbing, blocks, chocks, wedges, plugs, or any other specialty item.