Pedestrian bridges are a great addition to a park, garden or any outdoor space as it can make it easier for visitors to walk through these areas. Where there are bodies of water, large or small, a bridge can be a necessity. However, if you choose the right pedestrian bridge, it can provide a beautiful compliment to the space–as well as serving the necessary function of helping control the flow of traffic around your property.

A wooden bridge can give either a rustic look or a more upscale appearance, depending on the way it is designed and the wood used. That type of flexibility is why you can find pedestrian bridges used for a simple way for a homeowner to cross a creek in his or her yard as well as used to provide a decorative walkway for a retail or commercial establishment.

The best thing about made to order bridges, like those we construct here at Coastal Timbers is that you can choose your design and materials so you get the exact looks you desire. We will discuss your desires and work up a plan so that the bridge you choose enhances the look of your property and helps it look its very best.

Coastal Timbers knows what it takes to handle your project with ease. Each and every bridge project is different, so the pedestrian bridge that works in one space may not work well in others. We use premium materials so you can rest assured your bridge will be a durable addition to your property. Whether you are building over water, curved, straight, with or without handrails, we will work with you so that we meet your requirements perfectly.

Whether you know exactly what you want, in terms of a bridge for your property, or you are just starting to put together a plan, the team at Coastal Timbers is here for you. Give us a call or contact us and let us discuss all the options we have available. We are excited to help you get started with you pedestrian bridge project.

We can help you create the kind of wooden bridge to fit your exact needs.  Whether commercial or private, we can fabricate any wooden bridge from pedestrian to vehicular use.  We have the capabilities to pre-fabricate and ship directly to the customer for installation, or construct on-site.