No matter what you are building, it is important to have a good structural base. One method of supporting many structures is through the use of truss systems. While a truss can be constructed using any number of materials, one of the more popular options is timber trusses. Timber trusses are used for barns, warehouses, restaurants and dream homes, as well as a support for bridges and walkways. In fact, trusses can be used for nearly any imaginable structure. Discover the many benefits of timber trusses and you will see why a custom-built truss from Coastal Timbers is the perfect choice for your next building project.

Benefits of Timber Trusses

While timber trusses do look good, and create a strong visual impact, there are other benefits too. For one, timber trusses are lightweight, which means construction can be completed more quickly and with less heavy machinery than other types of truss construction. Timber can also be stained or painted to achieve nearly any color or look. This means that no matter what the style of the home, a timber truss can be a great option and your options are limited only by your imagination. Finally, timber trusses are very durable–they are able to withstand years of use, especially if they are well taken care of by the property owner. Taking care of wood is simple-well-constructed timber trusses are built to last and will support any home or place of business for years to come.

While many architectural and construction firms can utilize timber trusses in construction, it only makes sense to work with the timber specialists at Coastal Timbers. When you choose Coastal Timbers for your project, you can rest assured that your custom truss will be constructed with the finest timber available and with the ultimate in care. Spend some time browsing the photos of our previous projects, and become inspired! Choosing timber for your building’s truss system is one of the best construction decisions you can make.

From 6’ to 60’, we can custom-build trusses for barns, warehouses, restaurants and dream homes.