If you live on a bayou, bay, or lake, you are probably looking for ways to spend more time enjoying your time on the water and less time on boat maintenance. One simple way to do this is by keeping your boat out of the water. After all, leaving your boat in the water tied to a pier or mooring will accumulate marine growth. This can damage the structure of your boat and reduces your boat performance and efficiency. One of the simplest ways to move your boat into and out of the water is with a boat ramp. Installing your own ramp, instead of relying on public ramps, is easier and more affordable than you may think–especially if you work with Coastal Timbers.

Building a boat ramp is a task best left to professionals. If the ramp is not constructed perfectly, it can be difficult to access when the water levels change throughout the year. The dock-building experts from Coastal Timbers understand how the changing water levels affect the performance of the dock and will build your deck to work well based on your particular body of water. Another consideration when building a ramp is the type of boat or boats it is being built to support. We can create a custom ramp that will best meet your needs.

Coastal Timbers is a great choice when you need a boat ramp. Our team not only understands how to build a quality ramp, but you can rest assured the materials and craftsmanship will be top notch. Because of this, you will have a rugged, durable ramp that will last for years to come. Our structures are made of real wood and quality materials, so they are good-looking as well as functional.

Spend some time viewing images of other boat ramp projects we have completed in the past. Whether you are ready to get started or just want to ask a few questions about what we can do, give us a call or contact us today. Our customer service team will be happy to work with you and help you better understand what options are available for you.