Coastal Timbers
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Boat Lifts
Boat Ramps
Bridges (Pedestrian)
Bridges (Commercial)
Camp Foundations
Cradles (Boat Hull)
Cradles (Pipe)
Cradles (Tank)
Crane Mats
Crane Mats (Wedge)
Custom Solid Columns
Decking (Residential)
Decking ( Marine Vessels)
Decking (Offshore Platforms)
Decking (Trailers)
Dirt Work
Fenders (Docks)
Fenders (Marine Vessels)
Floating Docks
Heavy Load Bearing Systems
Launch Skids
Mortise & Tenon
New Products
Paddle Wheel Repair
Pile Driving
Pile Driving (Hammer Pads)
Rig Pads
Specialized Cuts
Tank Pads
Truss Systems
Unique Projects
Wood Frame Buildings

Reliable, Innovative Services

We offer design, fabrication, construction, pile driving, installation and project management services. 


Project Management & Design
Our full service capability is enhanced by an experienced project management team with over 100 combined years of experience. We are ready to assist customers in the development of their ideas and formulate their plans. Our design staff utilizes the latest version of AutoCad.

Fabrication  and Installation
We can take your project from the design stage, to fabrication, and if necessary, installation at the job site. Timber products can be made in components, numbered, disassembled and shipped.  Once on location, the components can easily and quickly be reassembled. We also handle specialized crating of various products for shipment by rail or sea.

Construction & Pile Driving
Our pile driving and construction department has the necessary equipment to handle commercial or residential jobs, from land or water. Our specialties are bulkheads, camp foundations, pavilions, piers, wharves and boathouses.